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Will Brownback Back Colbert?

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), who has struggled to compete financially for the Republican presidential nomination, will announce tomorrow that he is dropping out of the 2008 contest, the Associated Press reported this morning.
[ cf Brownback to Drop Out? ]
interesting, but more so when you put it next to:
Famous philosopher Stephen Colbert announced his presidential candidacy on the prestigious political show "The Colbert Report".
The bookmakers should be scared by the "Stephen Colbert for President" idea. Stephen was and still is listed at Bodog Sports with the odds 800/1 to become the next US President. Imagine the dent in the books he is about to put. Watch as Stephen Colbert announces he is joining the presidential pursuit:

[ cf Stephen Colbert for president announced on a prestigious show ]
Maybe, just maybe, this would be a good time to review the campaign rhetoric and posturing of 2004, and ask ourselves if voting for anyone OTHER that BushCheney2008 is simply more of the same old Stab The Troops In The Back Liberal Defeatism???

We can only hope that Colbert's BRILLIANT strategy will force the left wing RINO's who are so clearly stabbing our Troops in the back by not Supporting BushCheney2008, to well, all resign and accept the inevitability of total victory and a mission accomplished disco duck dance by the BushCheney2008 team that is the obvious and most compelling of all manifestations of the Argument From Divine Comedy!!!


Or are you a Satanic HomoSeXual Stabbing Our Troops In The Back???
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