drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Thanks Tom Scud, for a part of the Armenian Problem

As usual, two nice subreferences in On the Armenian genocide resolution thing the first is from Michael O'Hare, and tries hard to be reality based, the rebutal mrk kleinman centers on the small problem, namely that to this date the Turkish Government, and culture, does not admit to the Genocide.

The bonus add in all of this, well, comes from a Radio Spot, which 'googles up' as St. John Armenian Church, San Francisco which notes that back in 1910 there were not that many armenians in SF...

So let us put on our thinking cap here... What if a Nation had engaged in Genocidal Warfare AGAINST christians, do you think that the so called 'neocons' and 'theocons' would be sitting on the side line asking congress to stay out of that problem....

Hum.... I wonder.

Or is the unpleasant comedic moment here that suddenly it all becomes clear that the whole whinefest about the persecution of christians is 'strictly for domestic consumption' when it is important to rally the base, and should not be in any way construed as establishing a platform of rational thought, or a basis for any type of national policy.
Tags: religion, war

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