drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Are YOU fighting the good fight against childrenofascism!!!

h/t to Jesus's General For this Morsel:
Democrats say the government should pay for baby Jesus’ health care. But how was baby Jesus conceived? Not by Mary’s husband, Joseph. And where did Mary choose to give birth to her child? In a stable! And what did Mary and Joseph do with the gold they received as a baby shower gift? Couldn’t they have used that to buy health care for baby Jesus?

The facts are clear. Democrats want to spend your tax money on irresponsible parents who have children out-of-wedlock!

[ cited at Mitch's America ]
Yes Boys And Girls!!!!

Only YOU can keep america safe from these sorts of EVIL PEOPLE!!!

Are YOU doing your part???

Do You Want To Know MORE????

Should the state security apparatus begin torturing you for your current lack of total support for Great Leaders Great NEW Day In America??? Or because you may have known someone who may match a possible profile as a pro-childrenofascism Fellow Travellor???
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