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Life Amongst the Happier Stalinists....

Komrade Party Member Was Purged For Reasons of Heath:
Three days after Americans saw the Bush administration's counterterrorism chief say the Iraq war has likely not made the United States safer from terrorism, the official announced his resignation, citing health reasons.

In an e-mail sent to his staff Wednesday afternoon, Adm. Scott Redd, head of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), said he was stepping down to "take care of some long-delayed surgery that I can no longer neglect."

[ cf After Comments, U.S. Terror Chief Resigns (h/t to TPM) ]

One has to wonder if when Komrade Party Leader Huckabee Asserted
During a house party in New Hampshire over the weekend, Mike Huckabee was asked if his Christian values would prevent him from supporting funding for safe-sex programs. Huckabee then replied that it would be more important to ask people to simply not engage in reckless behavior.

"The best thing to do is to encourage people to make good choices," Huckabee said. "For example, if we were really serious about stopping a problem, whether it's drunk driving, we don't say, 'Okay, don't drive as drunk,' do we?"

Huckabee offered another example: "We don't say that a little domestic violence is okay, just cut it down a little, just don't hit quite as hard. We say it's wrong."

[ cf
Huckabee Compares Safe-Sex Message To Drunk Driving, Domestic Violence ]
What he was really saying is that under the new Regime, FREED from the Dark Horrors Of THE RADICAL LEFT WING EXTREMIST TreeHuggerInChief who is currently befouling the White House, that we will all be safe from these sorts of radical extremists in the NCTC, who have so obviously stabbed our troops in the back, that they will not be allowed to simply resign, but will be burned at the Stake as their auto-de-fe so that they have a chance of getting into heaven.

Yeah... Things are Just Getting Tastier And Tastier amongst the Stalinists, now that we all understand that the most important thing in a time of WhateverOnWhomever is to retain one's faith in the Divine Will, no matter where it went wandering....
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