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Should The Adults Show Up And Clean Up The GOP?

Between Michelle Malkin Swift Boating a traumatically injured 12-year-old boy, Rush Limbaugh denigrating anti-war veterans, and Bill O'Reilly insulting black Americans (not to mention Ann Coulter dissing Jews), the mighty right-wing media machine -- firmly attached to the hip of the Republican Party -- is in the process of driving American conservatism right off a cliff. The loudmouths whom conservatives have supported for years, and whom Republican politicians have used for political gain, have become increasingly unhinged. And their recent public antics are drawing more and more disbelieving stares.

With the Bush administration in a state of prolonged decline and with Republicans out of power on Capitol Hill, it's the right-wing media machine that maintains the highest profile among conservatives on a daily basis. And it's Malkin and Limbaugh and O'Reilly who have become the face of the Republican Party.

[ cf MediaMatters: Malkin and Limbaugh and O'Reilly! Oh my! ]

There is little argument that the Lunatic Fringe has been spending much of the last seven years whining about who are the True RINO's (Republican In Name Only) - BUT!! what if a part of the problem here is that these Wankers were never really Republicans in any sense of the story, an were always merely shockjocks. Who can forget the comedic moment when the Evil Liberal Media noticed that Limbaugh had FAILED TO REGISTER TO VOTE!!! So how in god's green earth could he actually in any sense of the term lay claim to even being a citizen, let alone a member, in any form of good standing, of a political party....

What if the REAL Problem we are watching here is that it is SOOO time to step away from the obsessive compulsive disorders, and decide if there is any good reason to have a republic, and the notion of a representational government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

IF we can not solve that, does it really matter which collection of Kabuki Players is dressing up to play act which part in the public farse???

So what if americans were to say that it really was time to get past that whole failed Middle School Government notion of the pretty face politicing for most popular person who would be the pleasant face that the School Principle would trot out as the person EVERYONE wanted to be like... Maybe it is ALSO time for the evil liberal media to work out why it is that they keep allowing their own stoner entertainment puppies, such as the list of four media pundits, to be alledge to be anything other than the Howard Sterns that they are???


What if representational government was, well, gosh, about a Real Republic??

And not merely trying to get over those unresolved pre-adolescent issues!!!! Made worse in this unpleasant moement, since it is reasonable to deduce that these four wankers are working on their unresolved pre-adolescent issues from more than ONE of their Past Lives!!!
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