drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Ugly Thot Experiment...

When the Candidate For Attorney General goes CARREENING OFF THE EDGE with
Attorney General-designate Michael Mukasey made it clear to senators Wednesday that he would be independent of the White House and would make legal decisions based "on facts and law, not by interests and motives."

Mukasey, appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he would resign from office if ever faced with a presidential order he believed was unconstitutional.

[ cf Attorney general nominee pledges independence ]
we have to wonder which side his reality is buttered on...

What happened to The Unitary Executive Theory that allows the president to do what ever the president feels is the feeling he feels most fealingly!

Or is this just one more of those complex Funny Haha's that is so funny these days, and ever so popular amongst the Phoney Civilians who have been granted the additional extra powers the come with the Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes....
Tags: they_did_what

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