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Are YOU doing your Part to stop the Evil Doing THey Them Those Folks

Someone is going to explain why this is not at all surprising to me...
We've now come full circle. The anger and disdain among political activists toward returning Vets is back with a vengeance. And it's pretty ugly. Sadly No finds one example (regarding this article in today's WaPo about a returning vet with PTSD):
The political activists who metaphorically spit on the troops today are on the right.

This is going to be more common as we come up against the government's responsibility toward our military and the brainwashing these selfish right wing creeps have undergone for the last 20 years. I don't think they've ever contemplated the fact that their patriotic reverence for the troops might conflict with their anti-government philosophy. After all, the military is a government program. And there are going to be veterans who need the government's help for the rest of their lives.
That's an excellent diagnosis, no doubt endorsed by the experienced doctor shopping medical expert Rush Limbaugh. But it doesn't really hold water since combat stress has been around since cave days. In WWI they called it shell shock. In WWII they called it battle fatigue. In Vietnam they called it PTSD. Whatever it's called, it's one of the most common war injuries of all.

[ cf Spitting On The Troops ]
Thank GOD!!!!

I mean, what would happen if there were liberals dissing the troops....

Oh that's right, there would be a massive hissy fit by the PHONEY CIVILIANS!!!
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