drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Damn MojoWirists, and their Hatred Of The True Leaders

Well, just go over there and read that God Hating America Bashing Vindicitve ASSAULT on the left wing extremist puppet toady of the NYT'S David Brooks, in the clearly unamerican screed Hebisner: Tremble before the All Powerful OZ!.


Earth To Sinking Hippie!!!!

Anyone who is dealing with The Pigmy Race of RINO is merely one more God Hating America Bashing Left Wing Stab Our Troops In The Back Cut and Run Kapitulationist Appeaser!!!

HENCE! it is obvious that David Brooks is merely one more Left Wing Extremist and should not be considered a conservative in any form.

But I must give madprops where mad props are deserved, and the sloga
Torture is like the new Old Spice.
(op cit)
Just PUTS the Manly Male Masculinity back into the otherwise teppid days of molly coddling liberalism as it reeks out from every branch of government that is foolishly wasting the tax payers dollars on anything other than just torturing because it is FUN and give the big woodie to the big guy!!!

What this country needs is to round up all of these malcontents who are not planning to vote BushCheney2008, because they Hate God, Flag, ApplePie and Motherhood!!!! all of which provides the clear basis for torturing them until they admit that they have always been spies and terrorists, and terrorist spies, and spying for the TERRORISTS!!!
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