drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Evil Liberals Just Do NOT Understand...

Our Freak Friends over at the mojoWire have fallen off the cart, again, whining about "We Are All Subprime Now" but without thinking it through that the real problem is not as the whiner whines
If this ain't "just a subprime problem," then an entire debt-based economy in which even the middle and upper middle class cannot afford homes given RE inflation and wage stagnation is suddenly in question. The last thing certain vested interests want to hear is that, basically, "we are all subprime now."
[ Op Cit, citation from HDMA Data On High Priced Loans ]
Think FOLkS!

Let us put our little thinking caps on for a moment and ask the clear and critical first question here.

How many of these 'at risk mortguages' were written in the old Failed Pre-911, Green Backs Currancy, before the New Reagans were published as the Preferred Currency for the Prefferred Players. You do not see any problem with the REAGANS!! It is only limited to the problem with liberals and their fellow travellor ilk who are using the Green Backs...

Clearly this is another reason to just accept that the whole failed pre-911 culture is collapsing around us and a New Day In America will rise up based upon the Preferred Currency!!!!
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