drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Things to do while waiting for armageddon...

I had a lovely chat with the lead engineer, and he paused me up, with: "but first you will have to explain to me what you are talking about....."

And I suddenly noticed that I had failed to mention that this was a lovely fix for a bug report he had put into the system about 12 hours before they froze the company bank account while the major investors argue about the sort of things they argue about, as they work out IF they are going to fund the company... or crash it because of their deep seated unresolved childhood issues from some past life experience.

So with just a little bit of "focus", I was able to get him to understand that there are certain classes of fixes that are just the right thing anyway. Since if we get reconstituted as a proper corporation, then fine, this goes out in the next release.... Otherwise, it made a lovely blog entry...

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