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Time For Some To Get Out Of Drag?

Andrew Krepinevich, a retired Army officer who wrote the report under a Pentagon contract, concluded that the Army cannot sustain the pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to break the back of the insurgency. He also suggested that the Pentagon's decision, announced in December, to begin reducing the force in Iraq this year was driven in part by a realization that the Army was overextended.

As evidence, Krepinevich points to the Army's 2005 recruiting slump — missing its recruiting goal for the first time since 1999 — and its decision to offer much bigger enlistment bonuses and other incentives.

"You really begin to wonder just how much stress and strain there is on the Army, how much longer it can continue," he said in an interview. He added that the Army is still a highly effective fighting force and is implementing a plan that will expand the number of combat brigades available for rotations to Iraq and Afghanistan.

[ cf YahooNews ]

Now don't get me wrong here folks.

Some of my best friends like to dress up in women's clothing. Some for sport, but rarely to try to openly avoid following their ideological rhetoric into combat.

So IF I am harsh on the Pro-War Crowd who have been ducking the big bullet of how much does their rhetoric really count, when they try the blow job about supporting the president to support the troops. Well Golly, Gee Whiz, what if there was an attack on america, and there was a real major need for ground combat personnel, and a real need to stay the course.

Maybe now the Pro-War crowd will decide if it is time to take off the pleated skirts, put away the cashmere sweater, and the bobby socks, and the saddle shoe, and the pom-poms, and let their Actions speak louder than words.

Or maybe it is just time for them to come clean with how little they actually regard those of us who served in the armed forces, and those who are actually ON active duty at this time. I mean I can deal with that too. There are many of my religious associates who can not in good faith take up arms under any circumstances. Some of them too put their lives at greater risk than the ideologs of the Pro-War Crowd by going and doing what had to be done - even IF it meant putting themselves at risk of death for being willing to do what must be done without Killing People.

So Come On HappyKampfr's - What IS it going to be out there?


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