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Defects in the american march to true psuedo fascism.

I think it is useful, as tomscud has done with his recent reference to the fourteen defining characteristics of fascism, to at least write up what are suppose to be the sign posts on the road to a more effective american form of fascism. My central problem comes with the assertion:

4. Supremacy of the Military - Even when there are widespread
domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding, and the domestic agenda is neglected.
Soldiers and military service are glamorized.

"Support the troops"

There are actually three distinct assertions there, and while it is true that the military and the new psuedo paramilitary organizations have been getting a disproportionate amount of the government funding, it is not clear that the other two proprositions hold up.

As many old school tie republicans were trying to warn americans, the current administration's economic policies, as outlined in his 2000 stump speach made it clear that he was intent on increasing the federal debt by any means possible. We summarised this again in the 2004 campaign that once again the president was running on the platform of being opposed to "peace, prosperity and the incumbent". So the president clearly has given the domestic agenda all the attention that he said he was going to give it back in 2000.

It seems clear in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita that there were some issues on the domestic agenda that clearly needed more than mere cronyism and patronage have been able to provide. This has of course lead many americans to turn to the Military, and in particular the National Guard Units, to help do what the civilian organizations have decided to abandon - namely taking care of the public interest.

All of which leads to the fundamental fiasco of the remaining prop:

Soldiers and military service are glamorized.

a somewhat ironic assertion, especially in the light of the retrial of PFC Lynndie England, and the recent decision by members of the 82nd to go directly to Human Rights Watch to get action on the abuse of prisoners.

Or should we take the fiasco of the recent "support the military family" gathering in D.C. where there were so many logical issues with how the effort to turn veterns into Idols For Worship just failed miserably.

Yes, I understand that there are so many americans who carry around a generic romance for the military and military service, and a sense that majikally and mystically it is suppose to mean something, well, majikal and mystical. But this is also the broad swath of americans who have also been filling the ranks of the yellow republicans, the sort willing to 'glamorize' and yet are not at all intrerested in being the unfortunate person actually doing the military service.

Or should we put that the other way around. This was the nation that was so excited when Friendly Fire killed Tillman, the football player who turned ranger, that they don't really care that it was a friendly fire incident. What is more important now is that we have

he catch was the first in the college career of Tim Frisby, a 40-year-old father of six who had served in the Persian Gulf War as an Army Ranger. A walk-on in his second season with the Gamecocks, Frisby had no receptions last season or in the first three games this year. But after his catch Saturday, he jumped up and pumped his fist all the way back to the huddle. His wife and two of his children were on hand to see it.

"I came back this year specifically to make a catch," Frisby told the Columbia (S.C.) State after the game. "I had to make a catch. It was something I had to do. It was one of my goals. I stayed at it, stayed at it, until I achieved it."

[ cf sfgate ]

So there is still this fundamental problem that americans need to be constructively engaged long enough in their Idol Worshipping of The Veteran's Community that they can stay on message long enough to get to any decent level of serious psuedo fascism. So while I do recommend that folks keep track of things like orcinus - from whom I get the phrase psuedo fascism there are clearly too many things that will need to be done before we can really put a check next to point four.

Try to remember folks that even the President, the greatest military leader EVER! thumped on the Reagan Administration for having been a part of the cause of all of the current evil doers everywhere problem that he has to clean up. And the Great Communicator was the one who gave us the 600 ship navy, with it's 300 ship crewing roster, who were dog tired by the time the last bush down sized the show fleet to a manageable level. Those wonder years of yore, when the really great technological leaps forward, like Star Wars, Star Wars lite, The Revenge of Star Wars, and the current Star Wars Lite Meets Bed Time For Bonzo, were first made possible with effective PR!

In closing, there is the still ongoing fiasco of effectively forming up the appropriate state sponsored para-military organizations. I hate to remind americans, but we need look no further than the fiasco of the Katrina/Rita Oh Dear moments to learn how the current administration has betrayed even that standard bearer of the long glorious march to true american psuedo fascism. For those who may not remember it, Himmler too had no active duty military time. So while Himmler's romantic attachment to those who had served, like Ernst Rhom, that romance never got in the way of blind party loyalty when it came time for the night of the long knives. But unfortunately Maximal Leader has not been able to find a way to organize his own personal phallax of armed and devoted protectorrs. Nor has he been any better at actually infiltrating the police system in the USA.

So while so many of the sign posts up ahead keep presenting a trajectory towards true psuedo fascism. There is clearly still time to help americans be americans, and to restore america to it's traditional policies of Americanism.

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