drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What Will Those Phoney Civilians Say Next???

As recently as four days ago, French fighter jets scrambled in response to a call for close air support from troops from the Quebec-based Royal 22nd Regiment fighting insurgents.

While details of that mission remain secret, it was not the first time France has come to the aid of Canadian ground troops fighting in Kandahar.

"I've helped the Canadians many times," said Lt.- Col. Fabien Mandon, commander of the Kandahar Air Expeditionary Group as he stood in front of one of the first three French Mirage 2000 jets to be based here. "But the nationality is not important. We will do this for everybody here."

[ cf French jets based in Kandahar close to action ]

The french fighting against the forward edge of al qaeda in Afghanistan, where the americans gave up looking for bin laden to get bogged down in their EcoTerrorism of restoring the Iraqi Wetlands....


Symbolism or Freedom...

Clearly we need to start questioning the Patriotism of those Phoney Civilians who have been underPatriotic about their Patriotism and NOT as committed to Making America American as they should have been!!!!

{ today in co-worker comedy, explaining to oona, that the 'our troops' verbal reference was to a canadian unit, since it was a canadian broadcast, and not one of those Lame American Liberal Propoganda Main Stream Hate America God Bashing Demonized Satanic Heathenisms!!! }
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