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Are HeteroSeXuals a Threat To National Security...

But just before 3 a.m. Sunday morning, Peterson, off-duty, burst into the white wood-framed apartment building of his former girlfriend, Jordanne Murray, 18, and fired 30 rounds from one of the AR-15 rifles used by the Crandon SWAT team. A few hours later, Peterson died during a shootout with law enforcement officers near Argonne, six miles north of Crandon.
Kegley said Peterson told him he had gone to Murray 's apartment to rekindle their relationship after a recent breakup. He said others in the apartment called him a "worthless pig, " and that he flew into a rage, went to his truck for his rifle and returned to shoot the seven victims.

Negotiations for Peterson 's surrender while he was at Kegley 's home also failed. Peterson apparently took a nap in his truck, and when he awoke, law enforcement had arrived. He died about 50 yards from his truck, near some woods.

[ cf A town's 'great sorrow' (emphasis mine) ]
ok, still a far better rounds per kill ratio than the LA Cops do.

But, I mean, what happened to commitment to Excellence?

I mean do we WANT these types of people as our primary defense against Iranian Flying Saucers And Canadianist Pirate Zombies???

I don't think so.

Now don't get me wrong here folks, but, well, I just think that in terms of Internment Policies, as Michelle Malkin, so elegantly argued in In Defense of Internment may mean that we have to go after folks who we might otherwise have overlooked in another time or place, based upon the failed liberal dogma of being innocent until some seXular Humanist Kult Practice that by it's very nature opposes the Divine Will To Mandate By Divine Right!!!

So yes, Now MORE THAN EVER!!!

And it is strictly for national security purposes, we need to start interning the obviously HeteroSexual, and those evil and sinister HeteroSeXual Fellow Travellors!!!

You EITHER support Interning HeteroSeXuals or the Terrorists WIN!!!!
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