drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Do We Allow These Phoney Civilians To Criticize Great Leader!!!

The director of a group that monitors Islamic militant Web sites said the government leaked an Osama bin Laden video that was passed along to senior U.S. officials on condition that they keep it secret. She claimed the leak rendered certain intelligence-gathering capabilities ineffective.

The White House said it was not responsible for the leak, and a senior official said the director of national intelligence should investigate the allegation.

Rita Katz, who runs the Washington-based SITE Institute, said her decision to pass the video to an official in the Bush administration has had an impact on the ways that the group has for obtaining these videos before they are made available by al-Qaida.

"Due to the leak, sources that took years to develop are now ineffective," Katz told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "A rare window into the world of al-Qaida has now been sealed shut." She declined to elaborate on whether she meant people or methods.

[ cf Group accuses US of al-Qaida video leak ]

It's not like americans give a Rat's Screw about Intelligence Product, actionable or not, it's all about the Media Ratings, and who knows MORE about that than Great Leader!!!! Who is the Greatest Great Leader EVER!!!!

So these Evil Phoney Civilians should Just Shut UP!!! and learn to be patriotic about the fact that they are allowed to live in a great country that should be at this very moment ARRESTING THEM and shipping these Phoney Civilians off To Phoney Civilian Fixing Land, where they know how to fix the defects in Phoney Civilians who do not Love Great Leader!!!
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