drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Would Hitlary And Her RadFemiSurfNazi's have this level of courage???

Fighting continued to rage in North Waziristan on Tuesday with fighter jets of the Pakistan Air Force bombing targets near Mir Ali on the third day of clashes between the military and pro-Taliban militants.

Military spokesman Major General Waheed Arshad said there were unconfirmed reports of 50 more pro-Taliban militants having been killed in the air strikes on Tuesday afternoon.

The military said 150 militants and 45 soldiers have so far been killed in the clashes that erupted out on Sunday after militants ambushed a military convoy.

[ cf 50 more Taliban men killed in Waziristan ]
I mean, there Hitlary Is, and there are Millions Of Zombies All Around Us, Everywhere...

Would she be willing to bomb america to stop them???

This is why americans MUST vote for whom ever the Military Picks to play act as the Civilian Leadership.

A vote for anyone else, and the Zombies Marry Your Daughter!!!!
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