drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Fixing Republican BrokenNeff...

I am constantly amused when so called conservativees can do nothing but whine about the evil Liberals. Back before the 2004 election I had to explain to this push poll person that I needed more of a plan on what we republicans were going to do than stop those Nancy Pelosi Dust Bunnies Of Despair....

Clearly the Republicans had a chance to help correct this flaw, given their total lack of reading skills, and fear of addressing the actual issues in the Evil MoveOn.Org Ad - but they got the ball rolling somewhere when they opted to get the condemnation vote. And they put a Moral Standards Question up for americans to salute, about how we are suppose to be the defenders of Our Members of The United States Of America's Armed Forces. But then came the Rush Test....

And so many alleged conservatives shot themselves in the foot.... again, and again, and again...

What will it take for actual conservatives to become a viable part of the national debate?

Or worse yet, what will it take for americans to decide that we NEED to have a national debate about national issues, as a National Part of Civil Duty FOR the Republic.

Or have we all tacitly agreed that there is no real need for a republic, and it is soooo time to embarce the Empire, and the Ceasar, who of course is a God.... Because without this, we will not be able to live out the fun and excitement of the Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire.
Tags: religion, war

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