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Why we Need MORE Blackwater Army Troops In Pakistan...

A suicide car bomber attacked an American military convoy on the road to Kabul's airport on Saturday, killing a U.S. soldier and a four Afghan civilians, officials said.

The bombing -- on the sixth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan -- threw several vehicles on their side. Four Afghans were killed and 12 wounded, the Health Ministry said.
The suicide bombing was the third major attack in Kabul in a week. On September 29, a bomber targeted an Afghan army bus, killing 30 people. A similar attack Tuesday against a police bus killed 13.

[ cf U.S. soldier dies in Kabul bombing ]
If we have learned anything out of our Liberation of The Wetlands Of Iraq, it is the importance of Both BlackWater Army Troops, and the value of engaging in a protracted war in the country to the east!!!

Hence we must be able to insert more BlackWater Army Troops into Pakistan before it falls to an Islamicists Secularist Military Junta dictatorial regime....

Then after bringing peace because we have converted all of the survivors to Christianity, americans will understand the special power that comes with being a True Christian, rather than a Dead False Believer in a religion not sanctioned by the state security apparatus!!!

I mean, it is our patriotic duty to support the president's policy that his is the first Zombie Free Administration, and we all know this means we must keep on winning against the Zombies!!!! Everywhere!!!
Tags: religion, they_did_what, war

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