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Iraq Gone Wild!!!! More Reasons To Win Against Iran!!!

Hey Kids, it appears that Iraq has totally gone Bonkers
An Iraqi government panel investigating last month's deadly shooting involving Blackwater security contractors calls the guards' actions "premeditated murder."

Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Sunday that the investigative commission formed by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused the American company's contractors of indiscriminately firing on citizens and violating the rights of Iraqis.
He added the contractors violated the rules of conduct and regulations for private security firms operating in Iraq.

"They must be held accountable according to the law," al-Dabbagh said, emphasizing that those responsible should be prosecuted for "premeditated murder."
Security contractors have immunity from Iraqi law under a provision put into place in the early days of the U.S.-led occupation.

[ cf Iraqi panel: Blackwater guards should face murder charges ]

The Iraqi's KNOW that they have signed away their birthright for porage, so why should they be upset if some of their Phoney Civilians get Waxed as a side effect of helping american Phoney Civilians feel like they are more safer than the plebian masses...

Don't those Wacky Iraqi Understand that this is all about helping american draft dodgers feel safer knowing that they stayed home, AGAIN, to fight it out with the anti-war types who do not understand the Stress of being a Most Greatest War Hero In The Most Holiest of Holy Crusades against Liberals and their Fellow Travellors!!!

I mean, are YOU tired of these Wacky Iraqi whining, and whining, and whining when a bunch of their Phoney Civilians are Identified as Zombies, and they get all fruffy about how they hate the Zombie Hunters who are In Iraq to restore the wetlands, and free them From Zombies!!! Don't the Wacky Iraqi understand that our valiant fighting Privatized Industry of Zombie Hunters are the best that the Invisible Foote of the Free Market could ever have created!!! and that they are the Most Fortunate of all Wacky Iraqi, to be So Fortuitously Protected By THE Most Bestest of Privatized Zombie Hunters that could ever BE!!!

But are they greatful for the best that it can be????

Of Course NOT!!! they are all just soft on Iran!

Hence why we must win against Iran to show the Wacky Iraqi how lucky they were when the Privatized Zombie Hunters were merely Hunting Zombies in Iraq, and not in Iraq AND Iran!!! When we will need to bring out the extra Special Zombie Hunting Tools!!!!
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