drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those God Hating America Bashing Civilian Phonies...

Ok, so maybe someone will explain who lets a 14 year old girl go to an 'early morning party'? Hum?
mall town in northern Wisconsin awoke to grief and questions Monday, a day after an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot and killed six people at an early-morning party. A seventh person at the party was critically injured in the shooting.
"I don't want to believe it. I'm waiting for somebody to wake me up," she said. "She's only 14 -- she'll be 15 next month; she's just starting to live. And the sad thing is who killed her -- a cop. Cops are supposed to always protect you, I thought, and it's one who took my daughter and how many other people's lives."
Friends of the victims said Peterson, who also worked part time as a Crandon police officer, stormed into the home where the party was going on at about 2:45 a.m. Sunday and opened fire.
"He was nice. He was an average guy -- normal. You wouldn't think he could do that," Johnson said, according to the AP.

[ cf Wisconsin town in shock after off-duty deputy kills 6 ]
Why NOT the Obvious???

If they are dead, they were Zombies!!!!

I mean that works with the rest of the professionals...

Clearly when the Zombies get your Deputy Sherif, it is time to get the Swat Team To Get HIM!!!

Can there be any better argument for why we MUST privatize Zombie Hunting???
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