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Those Overseas Phoney Civilians...

The sons and daughters of late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet asked to be freed from prison on Friday after spending a night behind bars accused of siphoning off public funds for their own use.

Judicial sources told Reuters a judge had agreed to their request but that the final decision would lie with Chile's Court of Appeal, which could rule as early as Saturday.

Meanwhile, Pinochet's 84-year-old widow Lucia Hiriart remained in hospital under preventative custody. She was one of 22 people arrested on Thursday as part of the embezzlement investigation.

"Her blood pressure is stabilizing," said Ivan Moreira, a right-wing member of the Chilean Congress and a close friend of the Pinochet family who visited her on Friday morning.

"She is going through a difficult time of great anguish," he told reporters.

[ cf Free us from jail, Pinochet sons and daughters say ]
Ok, so the Black Robed Judicial Tyrants ended the legal cover for Generalissimo Pinochet!!! We accept that, but does it pull the cover on his family TOO???

Shouldn't families be able to feel safe that they are exempted from being held legally liable for any of their actions while their Generalissimo Family Members are leading their nations in a holy crusade against the evil doing evil doers who are not like we are!!!!

Clearly just because the Evil Liberals are Persecuting one member of the family doesn't mean that they should be allowed to persecute them all.... Don't People Remember what it was Like, back in those Days, back when there were Zombies Everywhere, and the Iranian Flying Saucers, and the Space Monsters, And Godzilla....

I think more americans can appreciate this problem now, especially as they start worrying that those Damn Liberals will demand a new set of Nuremburg Trials, and that they will not exempt the families of the Great War Lords and the Great Over Lords, and The Glorious Ones, and the whole list of notables....
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