drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Darn Phoney Civilians Gone Wild....

Does it surprise anyone that the Evil Demonic Evil Liberals are all opposed to the president's veto of health care for children, since that $30 Billion could be used to hire more Mercs to play as both war heroes in the so called war zones overseas, but also back here, protecting america from the growing threat of Zombies!!!

Besides, think about it, children who are the sort of persons who would be covered by the medical health insurance are not old enough to need to bribe government officials to get draft deferments, nor are they the sort of children who's Trust Funds will be able to reposition govenment policies on why their Trust Funds are more important!!!

As such, we can logically conclude that all of these so called 'children' are in point of fact merely Phoney Civilians, and not the True Civilians who need the sort of governmental largess that comes from being able to bribe the rights sort of people so that one is protected from the Marauding Hordes of both Zombies and Zombie Hunters!!!

Clearly we have to do something about stopping these Darn Phoney Civilians who are so clearly destroying our white Christian America because they want to be held as if they were real born persons!!!
Tags: war

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