drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Not Try The Law?

It is somewhat comical that the president is trying to find all sorts of ways around the fact that he openly violated the law.

Gosh, does 'necessary and appropriate force' really mean that the President has a get out of jail free card with regards to any law that he does not wish to follow?

Internationally the EU is having to deal with it's own tacit involvement with the current administrations policy of torturing detainees. As well as the kidnapping of persons of interest to be tortured. They are currently having to deal with their own historical unpleasantries about the problems on the continent when the process of kidnapping persons of interest and torturing, killing, or for the lucky ones who were useful enough to survive forced labor, merely being discount labor units.

So why not try that wild and crazy Idea of the Law is the Law? And that no one is above the law?

Many americans are willing to note that Lincoln suspended the writ of habeus corpus during the war of northern agression. I know, I mentioned it in a blog response yesterday. Then on the drive to my postal box, had the decaf moment that FDR had likewise suspended it when detaining persons of japanese ancestry. But the americans have not only apollogized for that, but also paid restitution. So the effort to slither back to lincoln runs into the problem of FDR. Not to mention the american legal position with the problem of merely interning whomever the president says.

So here we are, on the cusp of the american dollar collapsing. Think about it folks. If the Iranians open up that Oil Market denominated in Euro's - the need to buy dollars, hence proping up the american dollar, will dwindle away. Folks will be able to buy in Euro's and not in dollars. This of course leads to the problem of how will the americans continue to pay for their little pet projects?

Kaplan's "Imperial Grunt" is out boys and girls, read up on it. How much longer will we be able to maintain the high tech support that makes putting the 'special operations personnel' on the ground in all of the places where it needs to be, to allow the boys and girls back home to stay tuned to the 'rah rah' moments of their five minute hate.

As I noted below in my Why Not Nuke Iran? the american military is running thin on the basic commodity - Grunts. We have watched as the Recruiting Staff has had their 'day of atonement' as they learned about ethics in recruiting. We have watched the body count dwindle downward as the minimum needed to declare victory in the staffing propoganda. So it's not like we just have that wealth of mere line grunts who will be able to pacify Iran and hence stop the really unpleasant and hard reality of american economic dislocation.

At which point, there is that really scary thought. What happens when the americans are left with nothing but their nuclear arsenal to protect not only their American Dollar, but also the administration personnel who might need to visit the world court to clarify which laws they actually felt were binding on american governmental types.

Try to remember, even Pinochet has lost his immunity. He was suppose to be protected by the CIA/State Department for his support during the 'cold war'. Americans have also given up various other 'anti-communists' as well. So how much longer will they be able to hold out till they have to start giving up americans...

So why not go with, gosh, the law.

That might reassure the rest of the world that they will not need to embark upon economic sanctions, or mandate an IAEA regime to investigate american Nuclear Programs. Or a peace keeping force, or....

Or worse yet. What if the current abandonment of the reign of law were to fall into the hands of Hillary Clinton....


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