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Who Are The True Phoney Civilians???

The Blackwater guard who drunkenly shot a bodyguard for Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mehdi in December 2006 was back working for a Department of Defense contractor by February, CNN reported this morning.

And in a letter House oversight committee Chair Henry Waxman (D-CA) sent to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today, he asks why. He suggests that the reason it was so easy for the guard, Andrew J. Moonen, to get back to work, was because the State Department didn't inform the Defense Department about what the ex-Blackwater employee did to get initially expelled from Iraq. Moonen returned to Kuwait in February, CNN reported, working for Defense Department contractor Combat Support Associates (CSA).

During this week's Congressional hearing on Blackwater, a State official refused to tell Waxman anything about the incident -- including whether State had helped Moonen flee Iraq after the shooting.

"It is hard to reconcile this development with the State Department’s claim that 'We are scrupulous in terms of oversight and scrutiny not only of Blackwater but all of our contractors,'" Waxman writes.

[ cf Drunken Blackwater Shooter Went Quickly Back to Work ]

Shot our allies in a druken shooting festival?

And Still Got The Gig???

Oh boy, come on you 4-F ProWarWheenies, wag that manly male member of your, and how gosh you wanted to be able to kill Sand Niggah's and RagHeads, but the government was giving all of the good billets to the minorities....

Clearly your commitment to your rhetorical posturing was just not, well, Phoney Civilian Enough...
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