drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Phoney Civilian would save the day...

Hum... when we kill them from the air, why worry about what they were, we could just assert that they were Phoney Civilians, and it would be simpler than noting that they had always been zombies:
The U.S. military in Iraq says about 25 militants were killed and two houses destroyed in a U.S. air strike near Baquba, north of Baghdad Friday.

A military statement says support aircraft were called in after coalition troops came under attack during a raid targeting a "special groups" commander believed linked to the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
Iraqi authorities say about 30 people were wounded in the pre-dawn air strike on a Shi'ite neighborhood, in Khalis, northwest of Baquba.

Iraqi officials say civilians were among the dead.

[ cf US Military: Coalition Airstrike Kills 25 Militants near Baquba ]
And by the way, what right do the Iraqi's have in any of this.

It is not like they have any legal basis for being critical of anything that america does, because, well, America Is American, and they are not americans, so where do they get off Not Supporting the American Position on protecting americans, except of course the Phoney Civilian Americans, who need to be protected from the growing risk of Zombie Attacks.
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