drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Damn Phoney Civilians Get Out Of Hand AGAIN!

I am just frightened to learn just how many different types of Phoney Civilians there are out there:
My name is not Jimmy Johnson, it is not Virgil Goode and it is not John McCain. But I am an American. No more, no less than any of these people.

My name is Cenk Uygur. And I am proud of it. It might sound a little different to your ear, but it doesn't make it any less American. That's the whole point of the country. If I wanted to live in a place where your race, ethnicity or religion mattered, there were plenty of other countries to choose from. I chose to be an American because I believed we were all equals in the eyes of the law.

[ cf This Is Not a Christian Nation ]

Americans should be put at risk by allowing phoney civilians who have funny sounding names to be considered the same as Actual True Civilians?

Why That is ALMOST as shocking as
A couple of days ago, Ann Coulter was on the Today show and she said the real problem with Senator McCain's comment was that he later said he would vote for a Muslim if he agreed with him. How dare he? Doesn't he realize that a patriotic American would never vote for a Muslim? They are the enemy. They are less than other Americans. They are not equal. This is a Christian nation!

You see, that's what bothers me. I am not a religious Muslim at all. In fact, I am agnostic. I don't participate in Ramadan. I don't need a resolution celebrating it. But once you bring it up for a vote, to purposely not vote for it is a clear sign. It is not a slip of the tongue or a miscommunication in the midst of a hectic campaign schedule. It is a deliberate act meant to send a message. And that's what I do care about. It is a sign that we are not welcome.

[ (op cit) ]
Oh Sure, just cite the Phoney Civilian, the Most Blessed Holy Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter, as if that would change the nature of the whole Phoney Civilian On Phoney Civilian Fight!!!!

I mean, we all understand that HanoiAnnie wants the american government to take away her right to vote ( read for yourself), OR she has decided that she must keep voting for democratic presidents. There is of course the other option here, that she is in denial about being the worst drag queen ever!!!

I mean why should we patriotic americans be forced to live amongst these Evil And Vile And Dispicable Phoney Civilians!!! They Just Disgust Me because they lack the True Ameicanism To BE American!!!
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