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Why do Those Phoney Civilians in the radical right Hate America and the American Military?

ON the surface, it seemed to resemble one of those infamous "Left Coast" incidents from the Vietnam era when the Bay Area was equated with the rejection and spurning of U.S. troops returning from an unpopular war.

Indications are, however, that the incident at Oakland International Airport on Sept. 27 involving a charter plane of 200 Marines returning from Iraq, who were confined to a remote location and not allowed into the main terminals, was more a misjudgment or faux pas -- a case of bad or nonexistent communication -- than malice or meanness.

But, as often happens in this age of instantaneous communication and news coverage, the incident was blown out of proportion by some pundits who dressed it up as a case of the war-weary Bay Area shunning members of our nation's military.

[ cf Marines' airport mixup misreported by media ]
If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times.

Just because my father married a couple of Civilians didn't mean I had to repeat that mistake, NOR that we should be giving Civilians any sort of special rights.

Given all of these Phoney Civilians running around as if they were the keepers of some majikal set of additional rights to hate americans and those of us who served, well, gosh, golly, Ghee Whiz, maybe they should think seriously about trying to fix their actual positions. Are they really Non-Combatants? Or are they actually Illegal Combatants engaged as puppet toadies of their Regime Change OverLords????

Hum... What if these Phoney Civilians figured out how to live up to the courage of their rhetorical posturing and opted to become the civilian segment of the Civilian/Military Mix required to WIN a Low Intensity Warfare Scenario, with asymetric combat and information mixes, that are a central part of any Counter-Insurgency.

Or would that be asking too Much of the Phoney Civilians!!!

And yes, some of my best friends are Civilians. No Honest, I really Like them, doesn't mean I want any of them dating my daughter, and yes, I think most of them look better in appropriate restraints, but that is another issue about maintaining personal safety in these trying times.

But as least none of My Civilian Friends are Phoney Civilians!!!
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