drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Are Civilians Actually People? Or only the Non-Phoney Civilians?

While there will be suspicion that there is a reluctance on the part of the US to take action against its own troops, investigators faced problems in gathering evidence.

Almost all those who could have acted as witnesses are dead, and, as the incident did not emerge until months later, there was no forensic evidence.
The investigating officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Ware, after reviewing the evidence against Sgt Wuterich, today recommended to the commanding officer overseeing the case, Lieutenant-General James Mattis, the murder charge be replaced with one of negligent homicide.

[ cf Haditha case implodes as charges changed ]
Thank god it is not like we give a rats ass about winning the Counter-Insurgency, since, well, it is not like those Gooks are real born persons....

Thank GOD congress is going to Protect Our Mercs in the BlackWater Army from being tried overseas, or in the US Military Court System....

So if they kill a Phoney Civilian CONUS would it be like murder? Or gross neglience of some form?

This is soooo going to make the Phoney Civilians out there more supportive of supporting our troops...
Tags: war, warcrimes

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