drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Demonic Exesseive Federal Regulators Gond Wild!!!

I mean, what is it, just because the Godless Demon Lovers are all in bed with Saddam And Satan on Sputnik Day, is this a reason to go totally Wild on Excessive Governmental Regulation as a part of the Godless Heathen's Ongoing War On White Christian America because they Hate Freedom:
The Securities and Exchange Commission today suspended stock trading in three over-the-counter companies for 10 days in order to blunt attempts to talk up the value of the companies' stock through email spam.

The SEC stopped trading in Alliance Transcription Services Inc (ATSS), Prime Petroleum Group Inc (PMGU), and TW Christian Inc (TWCI).

Since earlier this year the SEC has tried to crack down on emailed notices encouraging stock purchases by stopping trading on the companies named until adequate public information about the companies has been disclosed.

[ cf SEC stops trading on three over-the-counter stocks after email spam ]

How can one be a special friend given a special opportunity if the Evil Demonic Forces of Excess Governmental Regulation imposes their Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianist Onslaught on the Free Market, rather than allowing the Invisible Foote of the Market to make the choices that must be made!!!

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