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Devil Worshipping Demons Demonically Do Diddly...

Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are incensed at the revelations in this morning's New York Times report outlining secret legal opinions the Bush administration has used to justify harsh interrogations techniques for terrorism suspects.
A congressional source with close knowledge of the committee said that "a lot of people are really, really angry" about the secret opinions. According to the Times report, the White House took back-door measures to keep CIA interrogation techniques like "head-slapping, simulated drowning and frigid temperatures" in play by way of secret DOJ memos asserting their legality -- even as it publicly bowed to demands by Congress and the Supreme Court to outlaw them.

[ cf CIA Interrogations To Take Center Stage In Mukasey Hearings (http reference in original text - worth reading if you are not one of those who has been following the comic opera about why one should not leave a super secret intelligence apparatus in the hands of people are not clueful about american history and law and the actual problems involved in low intensity warfare theory, not to mention how useless crib note stealing from the Waffen SS, Satasi, KGB, and the Thought Police is in this process. But you never heard it here. I mean who would want to be known as not fully supporting the Mental Midgetry that has been play acting as if it were the National Weapons Release Authority. expecially in a time of transferring the tax liaibilite unto the unborn. ) ]

The really impressive part is that they even thought it was worth the comedy of trying to pretend that there was any form of legal defense that could be put together. That is some Serious Making the Morning Caffe Latte Double Expresso Decaf half soy milk/half lactos free milk with sprinkles on top out of last nights bong water.

Go Team Legal Stoners Dudes!!!

Who ELSE can get THAT HIGH!!!

So folks, when it comes to taking another one of Dick And Dubya's Wonderfully Like Totally Most Excellent Adventure, well dude, remember to vote for BushCheney2008 or the Demons From THE Pit will rise up and destory our white christian america because of their god hating america bashing.
Tags: they_did_what, war, warcrime

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