drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nice Republican girls....

... do not say
warrentless wiretapping
in public. (may not be workplace safe)

Such things, if they are said at all, are reserved for the privacy of their boudoir, where they are normally used in the context of utilizing the DildoOfDoom[dm] on her dear heterosexual male friend, whom she has bound up, and taken advantage of, in a part of the usual playful, National Security Alert game, where it is her most patriotic duty to take advantage of him in all possible ways.

You know, For Reasons of National Security.

Oh yes, also, Nice Republican Girls do NOT wear a karl rove mask, no matter how much her young heterosexual male partner wants to play National Security Policy Session as the Greatest Military Leader of Doom. The use of the DildoOfDoom[dm]will be sufficient.

I mean, please.

It's not like Nice Republican Girls are Perverted or any of that filthy liberal stuff.

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