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Holy War Against White Christian America Deepens...

Amid the fallout over the shooting of Iraqis by private American security guards, the House today overwhelmingly passed a bill to make all private contractors working in Iraq subject to prosecution in United States civilian courts.

The vote was 389 to 30, with all of the “no” votes cast by Republicans. Voting for the bill were 225 Democrats and 164 Republicans.

Senate Democratic leaders are expected to introduce similar legislation soon, and if the support in that chamber is similar to that in the House, President Bush would have no hope of killing the legislation with a veto.

The White House and the Pentagon oppose the idea of putting contractors under the jurisdiction of civilian courts, arguing that it would insert civilian investigators into areas better covered under military law. But the recent shooting incident involving employees of Blackwater USA has exposed a loophole in current law that has left it unclear whether the security contractor’s employees are now bound by any law at all.

The current Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act applies to people supporting Defense Department operations overseas. But Blackwater’s main mission is providing security for the State Department. Moreover, all American contractors are immune from prosecution in Iraqi courts.

[ cf House Bill Would Allow Prosecution of Contractors ]
The More Important Question remains, should the Holy Warrior's be held accountable to the mere laws of Man????

Clearly if the Evil Liberals and their God Hating America Bashing War On Our White Christian America is to allow the mere laws of MAN to take precedence over the Divine Will to take back the lands from the Godless Heathen, then what will be come of the More Glorious Of All Holy Crusades???

I mean, can we allow Congress to Legislate Which Private Armies are to be under mere laws of Man???? Show Me where in the Constitution that it gives Congress any authority over Private Armies and Holy Crusaders Of God!!!

You Can't!!! Because the Founding Fathers were smart enough to reserve the right of Private Armies and Holy Crusaders of God to the True Believers and not merely the unwashed plebean masses of God Hating America Bashers who Oppose the DIVINE WILL!!!
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