drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Black Robed Judicial Activists Gone Wild

A Minnesota judge today rejected Senator Larry Craig's motion to withdraw his guilty plea in connection with his arrest in an airport bathroom. In a 27-page ruling, an excerpt of which you'll find below, Judge Charles Porter, Jr. ruled that the Idaho Republican's guilty plea to a disorderly conduct charge was accurate, voluntary, and intelligent, and that evidence gathered by an undercover cop was sufficient to support the 62-year-old politician's conviction. Last month--after news of his arrest surfaced--Craig filed a motion claiming that he was under duress when pleading out in August to a misdemeanor count. He was nabbed in June after playing footsy with a plainclothes cop.
[ cf Larry Craig Bid Flushed
Judge denies Republican's motion to withdraw sex sting guilty plea ]
Can There Be ANY DOUBT now that the Radical Left Wing Extremists In The Judicial Activist World are All GAY HOMOZEXUAL PIRATE ZOMBIE CANADIANISTS who are all at war on our white christian america because they oppose our white christian america!!!

Can there be any more clearer and compelling call to arms for the Holy Warriors Of Holy Warrior Hood to take to the combat zones and fight against the Demonic Powers of these Black Robed Judicial Activists to protect our white Christian America from the Devil Worshipping Hordes of Ferrign Devils!!!

That and the Divine Right that should be afforded to have more than one do over in any legal proceeding until the correct implementation of the correct case work would indicate that the history had been as it should have been irregardless what the God Hating America Bashers and their Reality Based Community Say!!!

Things FALL, not be cause of some Godless Gravity, but because of their Divine Love Of Earth!!!

And as long as the Demonic Forces of ScienceIsm keep spewing their GayHomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianism children will not be safe on the streets of America!!!

Do it for the Children, the sweet innocent children, who should not be covered by any welfare program from the state but should earn their medical insurance benifits in combat like all true believers who have proven the existence of God, and the Divine Will, by trial by combat with the Godless Heathen!!!
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