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Time To Start Bombing And Killing For Jesus!!!!

Once more, dear friends, into the First Amendment! In a petition filed three weeks ago, a small reform school in Michigan urged the Supreme Court to return to the most troublesome few words in the whole of the Constitution. These are the words that say "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
The ranch's problems go back to 1996 when Congress authorized the states to contract with faith-based organizations to provide various social services. The guidelines mandated an opt-out provision: Any ward of the state who objected to religious indoctrination could reject his placement and get reassigned. In actual practice, it apparently wasn't that easy.

In its petition to the Supreme Court, the Teen Ranch makes its position clear: "It has openly advertised its religious orientation and has unapologetically incorporated religious programming into the services it provides, but it does not mandate participation in any religiously themed activities. ...

"Teen Ranch, as policy, does not 'force' youths to attend religious services, although it is encouraged and we believe to be part of an effective treatment program. Alternatives are provided for the children who wish not to attend religious services, such as a personal academic study time (if desired), recreational time in the gymnasium, or watch television until the other youths return."

These concessions failed to satisfy Michigan authorities. When efforts at compromise failed, the state stopped assigning delinquent boys and girls to the Teen Ranch. Faced with abandoning its principles or its prime support, the ranch shut down. U.S. District Judge Robert Holmes Bell refused to suspend the state's decision; the 6th U.S. Circuit affirmed in a brief opinion. Now it's up to the Supremes.

Speaking about phoney americans.

How can anyone believe that a person can be an american if they do not hold to the one true and only Holy Truths of the One True And Holy Religion!!!

Why it would be like allowing the author of Common Sense and The Age of Reason to vote in an american election, as if such persons could in any way be anything but the Phoney Americans that we all know that they had to have been, since otherwise it would mean allowing that there were UnAmerican Americans as American Founding Fathers, and we know that could never happen!!! By the Law of Excluded Ideological Deviationaism!!! That prevents any argument from being constructed based upon any premise that is clearly an Ideological Deviationalism!!!

Besides the Nation is in a Time OF Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn, and we must protect the next generation of Holy Warriors from the growing threat of Unamericanism!!!

Anything Less and the Iranian Flying Saucers WILL RETURN!!!!

Look TO The SKYYES!!!!!

And think about the children!!! The Innocent Children who will be corrupted by the godless heathen, and their Iranian Flying Saucer Fellow Travellors!!!!
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