drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Black Robed Judicial Jihadista Attack On White Christian America!!!

Yes boys and girls, once again the Black Robed Judicial Activists Radical God Hating Extremists who have Packed the Supreme Court go Wild And Crazy BRUTALIZING WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA on the order of their Peking Paymasters
The Supreme Court returned to work Monday by sidestepping two church-state cases that social conservatives had hoped the justices would use to chart a rightward course.

The justices decided not to consider a challenge by religious groups to a New York law requiring health plans to cover birth control pills, and a California case in which an evangelical group was denied use of a public library for religious services.

"We were hoping the Supreme Court would provide broader protections for religious liberties, and both these cases were excellent vehicles to do that," said Jordan Lorence, an attorney representing the evangelical group that was turned away from the library in Antioch, Calif.

[ cf High Court Won't Hear Two Religion Cases ]

Can ANYONE doubt that this is all a part of the Janet Reno Backed War On Christianity
The US Supreme Court on Monday ruled that it would not hear an appeal to a New York court ruling upholding a state law that forces religious-based social service agencies to subsidize artificial contraceptives as part of employee drug plans.

Catholic Charities of New York was joined by other religious groups in a suit arguing that New York's Women's Health and Wellness Act of 2002 violates their constitutional right freely to practice their religion. Catholic teaching holds that using artificial contraception is a violation of the universal moral law.

The consortium of religious rights groups had asked the intervention of the Supreme Court saying, "If the state can compel church entities to subsidize contraceptives in violation of their religious beliefs, it can compel them to subsidize abortions as well."

[ cf US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal on Forced Contraception Coverage For Catholic Agencies ]

The God Hating America Bashers are trying to Destroy America with their Godless Heathenisms!!!

Can there be any question that this mandates the need for armed struggle to take back the land from the godless, just as it is so clearly outlined in the bible...

Oh, hold it, that has always been a part of the dialectical tension here... When there is a killing or bombing by the armed wing of the Christianist Terrorist Cliques, the political wing goes running for cover....

Could that be the really nasty problem here, all of the really cool kids who like to kill civilians have already bugged out to do their killing in Iraq, either as welfare queens sucking on the TaxPayer's Teat, or as one of the super duper cool kids, SERIOUSLY Sucking on the TaxPayer's Teat for 10 times the price....

Leaving America without Holy Defenders who will Kill For Christ to protect us from the godless heathens, now that the radical left wing defeatist kapitulationist appeaser cut and runners on the US Supreme Court have come out against God And America!!!

Now more than ever we must rally the battle cry and start the slaying and slewing to take back the land from the cannanites.
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