drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is Google A Terrorist Front Organization?

I mean think about it. They had a chance to support the government protect americans from evil doers.

But they chose to oppose the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!

Doesn't that mean that they have openly come out on the side of Terrorism and Terrorists???

Clearly while our valiant fighting forces are fighting against all evil doers everywhere, isn't it the patriotic duty to support the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!! or be on the Side of Evil Doers?

You know of course that the most important thing to do is focus on winning the war! Since only those who are evil doing evil doers would oppose total victory, and the various glorious and patriotic manifestations of Strength Through Joy!!!

So why is Google still up and running? Why are the liberals preventing the Government from detaining Google In GitMo until they clear up why they have been unwilling to do their patriotic part in the most glorious and victorious of all possible Holy Crusades against all evil doers everwhere!!!

Be Seeing You.

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