drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Kyle-Lieberman Ammendment

Show of hands, isn't it like totally redundant to say that the president would need to be afforded any additional powers to do what ever the president felt was worth doing? A position that has been in place since the First Clinton Administration when congress authorized him to do as he wilst!!!

As such, can anyone doubt that we are at this very moment MORE winning the war on Iran than at any time in our history, since to say anything less is to stab our troops in the back... and that can at times be a bad thing to do, especially if you are not on the state security apparachniki list of approved party flunkies for stabbing our troops in the back for stricktly domestic consumption.

And while we are at it, would this be a bad time to talk about how Formerly Hitlary, in one of her speaches before here RadFemiSurfNazi's, was, well, you know, CODEWORDS for kapitulation to the Iranianists, and gosh, you know, you really shouldn't google that sort of stuff, since, well it seems that basically the left and the right hate her for being a manifestation of Satan...

Anyway, the simpler idea had been that we could of course believe the true believers, and hence, that the dip in the numerological numbers that were numerical coming out of Iraq^Hn^Hq were not driven by internal issues, but by the CodeWords of Satan Herself negotiating the Kapitulation of the troops to the demonic forces of those Other folks...

Either way, the numbers remain numerical!!! And that can only be because we are more winning In Iran than at any time since the Iranian Flying Saucers Attacked!!! and anything less, and the Satanists win!!!
Tags: religion, war

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