drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They Make That Sound Like A Bad Thing....

Federal officials said Monday that they planned to deport an elderly German man living in Georgia who they said was a guard and dog trainer in Nazi death camps.

Officials in the Office of Special Investigations in the Justice Department identified the man as Paul Henss, 85, of Lawrenceville, a document in the case said.

The document said Mr. Henss admitted in March in a sworn statement that he had worked for the SS at the Dachau and Buchenwald death camps, guarding forced labor details of prisoners at both camps while armed. The file charges that he used attack dogs to keep prisoners from escaping and that he trained other guards to use the dogs.

[ cf Nazi Suspect to Be Deported ]

I mean, yes, in the failed liberal world of pre-911, back before the iranian flying saucers attacked our white christian america with their voodoo zombie dust bunnies of despair, it might have made some logical sense that workingn at Buchenwald was a not nice thing. But aren't we past all of that now? Now that we understand what it is like to field both an army and the mercenaries, and auxilaries, as a part of maintaining Our Empire against those types who do not want to be a part of our empire!!!

Try to remember that any effort to deport this War Hero will need to make clear that one is not just one more "stab our american troops in the back God Hating America Bashing" that is so popular amongst, well, those types of people who do not support the president to support the troops!!!

So Yes Boys And Girls!!! Vote BushCheney2008 or your Family Will Burn In HELL!!!!!
Tags: religion, war

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