drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Britain Begins It Stab In The Back!!!!

Britain's opposition Conservative Party has called British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's surprise visit to Iraq a photo opportunity publicity stunt. For VOA, Tom Rivers reports from London.
"By the end of the year, the British forces, which have been 5,500, can be reduced to 4,500 by the end of the year, indeed by Christmas, 1,000 of our troops can be brought back to the United Kingdom and to other purposes," he said.

The actual number of soldiers coming out is a not a surprise, but the timing of the announcement, in the middle of the opposition Conservative party's annual conference, was unexpected.

[ cf Opposition Party Calls British Leader's Iraq Visit Political ]
Well, there it is!!!

Britain had it's chance to become a part of America, and show it's loyalty and solidarity with the Bush Doctrine, that you are either with us, or you are in League With Satan!!!! And as expected, Britain not only remained UnAmerican, but has now so clearly embarked upon the Stab In The Back that will leave america exposed to the Brutal Onslaught of Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

How EVER will america be able to raise the Billions and Billions of Dollars to rent a military force, like the black water army, to hold down the flank being abandoned by the British, in their Stab In The Back Assault On Our White Christian America!!!
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