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Should Americans Know About American History?

I have had a bit of fun with The Thomas Paine tale that Christopher Hitchen's is pimping in the 'books that changed the world' series. In part because, well there is this unpleasantry in american history that suggests that Thomas Paine, american revolutionary, and one of the 'founding fathers' was denied the right to vote in the Republic, because some Polling Station Goon decided that the Author of "Common Sense" was NOT the sort of person who should be allowed to vote in america.....

I guess for me, the real money shot has been the reconstruction of the debates betweeen Thomas Paine, who fought in the American Revolutionary War - and that Arch Symbol of 'american conservativism' - the much respected Papist Toady Edmond Burke, who opted out of fighting in the american revolutionary war, because, well, he wasn't just any senator's son, he had a safe seat in Parliament, and of course, as we all know, the Glorious Revolution of 1688, was all of the revolution that there was ever needed to be.

Now don't get me wrong here. Honest. I think we all agree that there is no United States Of America, since for such an entity to exist, well, it would have to mean that there was some revolution other than the ONE AND ONLY Glorious Revolution.... Which would shoot the horse out from under the BurkeItes, who are religiously committed to the importance of Burke as a "founding father" of the "american conservative movement" - and, well, gosh, that problematic posturing about 'what would the founding fathers have nuked to provide a diplomatic solution....' types.

But maybe that is a part of what we as americans might want to be thinking about.

Why not restore such wonderful words like "reactionary", as in 'reactionary thug', so that the folks who want to be the 'correct' type of "conservative" can find a safe haven for their emotional needs, that will not oblige them to both Hate America and Destroy American History to achieve!!!! I mean, if americans were to take the time to become at least aware that there were both 'federalists' and 'anti-federalists' who writing dogeral screeds and rantings for and against the need to abandon the Confederacy in favor of a totally untested radical social engineering process as to write down a Constitution, rather than accept that there can be But One, and that the one that was Brought Into Existence Fully Formed, from the sloping forebrowe of The Most Glorious Revolution of 1688.

Needless to say, this would open up a space on the right wing for actual americans who have to live in the actual flow of the actual american history, who are not at all interested in the mindless folly of the merely ideologically Whacked of the left wing. The Sort of Safe Space where it would be ok for folks to suggest that the dictatorship of the Party, as the Party Becomes the Government, will lead to a dictatorship of the Government by the Dictator of The Party.....

Not like that has not been said before in a variety of religious experiences, such as, well the First Church Of Stalinism, as it rescued Russia from the threat of WhatEver...

Oh dear, that way would mean that Amerians would need to learn about not merely the Party Line about what america was suppose to have been like, but, uh, what it actually was, as well as it's relationship with the rest of the world out there....

Would this be a Dangerously Unamerican point in the discussion to note that there is a Canadian Film that is pimping the Hollywood Goes To War series, and actually has the DEMONIC INFESTED Frank Capra 'why we fight' series, that, well, in episode seven, "war comes to america", has this gloriously UNAMERICAN God Hating America Bashing footage of INNOCENT CHILDREN who are saying the pledge of allegiance, but without the whole "under god" class whacked into it... Can there be any greater and clearer sign that we MUST Bong Canada for this clearly Anti-Americanist Sentiment - since of course, america could only have won WWII IF god was on our Side, which means, as we all know, that Frank Capra is merely Communist Propoganda, since he does not accept that in 1947, as today, there were valiant fighting forces still winning The Mission Accomplished Dance that was WWII!!! Because unlike the liberals, they were not willing to simply Abandon A War AGAINST THEM, simply because the Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners had signed peace treaties ending the war....

Granted the alternative might be that the actual american history is as it was, and that the current efforts to restructure it are, well, BOGUS!!!

But should we allow this clearly Broken Actually History to remain???

Or should we embrace the correction of what it should have been, especially if we all accepted the Glorious Revolution of 1688 as the ONE TRUE AND ONLY REVOLUTION, and hence any opposition to it, is, well, just UnBritish, and a part of the Whole God Hating British-Bashing that the radical extremists embark upon, because of their lack of personal commitment to moral propriety!!!!
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