drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Toy Store Recommendations

And Yes, we do mean 'those types of places'.

And yes, my knowledge of the various facilities is extremely limited. It goes with the nature of being a shy, quiet, naive, innocent waif from a small town in the mid-west. I visited one 'adult book store' and was massively underimpressed with it's lameness. I mean, oye, what are these people thinking about. It's almost enough to shame the whole heterosexual community.

I was, I will confessed, dragged into a 'good vibrations' by a young lady of my acquaintance, and that was clearly a much better place. The sort of store where they were selling to people who clearly were inclined to be positive about their predilictions.

So yes, the question is there, what do folks know, and what advice can you offer.

Update: a young lady of my acquaintance has taken to writing lewd and lascivious epistles in my direction.

So where exactly does one get a 'hot pink' dog collar? And more importantly what does that mean???


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