drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Happy Thoughts From The Failure of the CPA....

Hey kids, did you ever think that there was at least one or more happy warm fuzzies that come out of the complete failure of the CPA ( Coalition Provisional Authority ) to achieve any of it's goals - besides the validation that the Special Olympics are Special, and sometimes success is not as victorious as the victory of Success, as the criterions are restructured to show that everyone is a winner....

Hum... We know that the most important thing is not the failure of the Civilian Component of the Counter-Insurgency, but that, well, uh, the Importance of having a Military that can cleanly replace all of the functionality of the so called 'civilian government'. Hum....

So when the nice folks in the military are warning folks that we are not going to like it if the military has to come home to america without the victory of Success, or the Success Of Victory, or which ever is the policy we will use to be the way that it was suppose to have always been....

Hum.... What IF we simply accept the look ahead, and decide that now is a great time to streamline the process and simply replace the failed civilian organization with the Battle Proven Military Structure that will be able to provide the required civil services that will help the military win over the failures of a civil society....

You know, like Sparta, and the Big Boys of '300'....

At least that way americans will no longer have to be emotionally traumatized that the CPA failed to achieve any of it's so called goals.... since we will merely start correcting the defects in history, and accept that the CPA was EVIL because it was not a Military Government!!!

And then EVERYONE will feel safer!!!!
Tags: war

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