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which Political Reconciliation???

Ok, so pace is out, and he of course is convinced that we are in a war somewhere, and that they are at war with us, so we should do something. But now the New Head of OKW is going to be the new Adm Mullen, and he is advocating
During his confirmation hearings in August, Admiral Mullen told the Senate Armed Services Committee the deployment of additional U.S. troops to Iraq has made the security situation better, but "not great," and that political reconciliation was the only solution.

Mullen also expressed concerns over Iran's "increasingly hostile" role in the Middle East.

Gates announced earlier this year that Pace would not seek a second term as Joint Chiefs chairman. The defense secretary said the decision was not made based on performance, but rather that the unpopularity of the Iraq war would make reconfirmation hearings difficult.

[ cf Navy Admiral Takes Over as Top US Military Officer (emphasis mine) ]
Holy Kapitulationists Appeaser Cut And Runners???

Does the Military Feel that they need to make a political reconciliation with the existence of a Congress as a part and parcel of the country they live in????

They don't mean to abandon the One President To Bind Them, and into the darkness bring, doctrine of a unitary executive????

Oh me!! Oh My!!! What ever will we do if AMERICA FALLS TO THE AMERICANS???
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