drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Illegal Alien Armed Combatants ARE your friend...

I am still trying to understand why it is that MoJo has gone totally BatWonky Over van.mojo: The Gun Whores of Main Street - I mean, what is the problem????

We can either have american citizens doing their jobs in america, or for 9 or 10 times the price, we can have the BlackWater Army marching the streets of america, and we expect that they will have negotiated the same deal with the Coalition Provisional Authority here CONUS as they got in Iraq, namely, that the BlackWater Army is indemnified, hence if the body is DEAD, of course it was a Zombie!!! If they are merely Maimed or Wounded, well clearly that is A Miracle And Proof Of God's Love that this person should go and sin no more...

Would this be a bad time to mention that the www-benning.army.mil first came up as an unverifiable domain, and that yes, we all LOVE the idea of Holy Warriors For Christ!!!! Since clearly when we can have True Crusaders who will kill for jesus for the religious experience of being able to bath in the Blood For Christ, we can get past the failed FreeMarketeering of the BlackWater Army, and chant with the true believers as we go burning out the Sinners!!! since we Must Love Them, but that does not prevent us from slaying and slaughtering them, in an Old Testament Way, because of Course All True Believer Truly Believe the biblical inerrancy!!!

Are you doing YOUR part to slay and slew and slaughter in a Biblically Literalist Way? Or are you in League with satan trying to destroy our White Christian America!!!
Tags: religion, war

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