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Where's The White Women??? Or are there Christianists Groups In Your Area?

Wednesday, Gov. Kathleen Blanco announced that Louisiana State Police officers will protect the families of the Jena 6 and investigate any threats they have received. A white supremacist Web site posted the names and addresses of the six black teens after last week's march, calling on followers to "let them know justice is coming."
[ cf Sharpton: Bail being posted for Mychal Bell ]
Now don't get me wrong here folks.

I support Full Auditions!!!

I am so in favor of knowing that the BlackWater Army will be able to hire from the best when it comes to protect ing american White Women from the Mud Races that are out there...

But, uh, hold it, remind me again why it is that Baba is so suprised, suprised, suprised, that them darkies is almost just like us White Folks....

Besides, The EVIL PERSECUTING LIBERALS !!! Well, they are Evil!!! And Liberal!!! AND SHOULD BE PERSECUTED, pay no never mind that the evil liberal media reports
"A lot of things happened between the noose hanging and the fight occurring, and we have arrived at the conclusion that the fight itself had no connection," he said.
Racial tension in the town increased after the noose incident. In November, someone burned the main academic building. The arson has not been solved, but many believe the incident is linked to racial tension.

[ cf U.S. attorney: Nooses, beating at Jena High not related ]
You SEE!!! YOU SEE!!!

They ARE THEM!!!!


Ask YOURSELF, Whom Would Jesus BOMB!!!!

And in a time of Transferring Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn...
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