drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Value of Character - beyond Harry Potter

Down in my thread What IS The Problem With Kids these days? merde took a troll off into the woods about the Harry Potter Series.
I do hope that she was no too unkind to the Troll, given her inclination to abuse naive ones, found in her company, whom she can lure off into dark and forboding places, where she can take advantage of their innocence and youth. Not that I am sure how innocent, or youthful the troll was, but let us leave that as a tale for another time.
Which I think is a fit and proper subject, especially given the current Culture of Corruption that is so clearly rampant in the modern era! I mean the GOP is desperately trying to clean up the years of moral corruption, and confusion, that has plagued congress. There is this set of questions about whether those folks who are so supportive of someone else taking the low paying job as a bullet biter for the current Whatever On Whomever, should be held to some set, or sets, of moral standards about leading from in front, rather than dressing up in the cheerleader costume, with the cute pleated skirt, bobby socks and saddle shoes, on the side line chanting about how their team can beat the snot out of the other team.

Or we could get nasty and talk about whether the Leader of the Free World really should be required to comply with at least american law.

So what sort of character traits should we be advocating in public? I mean an abused child, who has grown up under the stair ways, who is whisked off to some boarding school in the country miles from anywhere, to be turned into a Warlock! Now this is the sort of 'building character' tale we should be inflicting upon innocent children?

Shouldn't we have happy tales. Blissful, Sun Shine Filled Tales, like the Telletubbies.... Ooops, sorry there. Clearly a bad idea.

Or Strong, Manly Male Tales; about dressing up in cute pleated skirts, with bobby socks, saddle shoes, and cashmere sweaters, that fit real tight over those torpedo tits brassieres, that RealHeManManlyMaleMen wear when playing chearleader for the War Against All Evil Monsters Everywhere!

Ah yes, what sorts of Family Values Based Tales should we be teaching our children?

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