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But does the Patriot Act Actually Allow THIS????

Think Carefully BEFORE you answer:
Their statement was in response to a request from global leaders for "unequivocal assurances" regarding restraint in approving gay bishops. They reconfirmed that, but the language fell short of banning such action. The bishops' statement also included their request that "incursions into our jurisdictions" by archbishops from other countries stop. Africans have consecrated a number of bishops in the US as leaders in their provinces.

At the same time, the American bishops called for "unequivocal support and active commitment to the civil rights, safety, and dignity of gay and lesbian persons." And they backed a plan presented by Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori to provide alternative oversight by conservative bishops to parishes that are unhappy with the current church leadership.

Some US traditionalists have rejected her oversight proposals in the past, and are likely to continue to do so. Bishops in the breakaway group left the meeting after the first two days during which the Archbishop of Canterbury and a global committee had joined in the discussions.

[ cf Episcopal bishops move to ease clash over gays
The US church now awaits response from traditionalists. Will schism be headed off?
Can the True Believers take a compromise Imposed By Ferrign Devils From Ferrign Devil Lands!!!

I mean, should americans be following Bishops Consecrated by NON-AMERICANS????


Have Americans FORGOTTEN why there is an Episcopalean Church in America, and not merely another wing of the Church Of England???

Clearly we NEED to question the patriotism of these folks who wish to be the puppet toadies of Foreign Regimes without so much as a straight out registration that they have abandoned their American Citizenship to become the vassals of foreign lords!!!

Folks DOOOO understand that this is a time of 'transferrrring the tax liabilities unto the unborn' - and even as we speak the SecDef is becoming gravely concerned:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates has dispatched a small Pentagon team to Iraq to review procedures regarding private contractors, after expressing "real concerns" about oversight, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Wednesday.
[ cf Defense secretary sends team to review Iraq contractors ]
Clearly NOW more than ever we MUST make sure that the folks back home are still loyal to the american way of life!!!

That they are not being lead into perdition by Overseas Overlords and their Unamerican Ways!!!!

Clearly if this Bishop of Canterbury were as concerned as he has let on to be, then of Course he would become an actual american patriot supporting the Holy Trinity of War President, War Czar and Praetor Petreaus, not to mention the most Holy Blessed Virgin Coulter, and would renounce all worldly allegience to anyone BUT Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!! And anyone who is not on the side of Great Leader is On the Side of Satan!!!

Can there be any doubt that we must win Success Through Victory!!! And Victory Through Joy!!!
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