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Why Not Call Out the Republican Guard????

I mean, they have always been the bulwark for Napolean!!!!

So first off we have
To describe the ongoing Blackwater scandal as a fiasco would be a dramatic understatement. Not only do we have a situation in which private security contractors stand accused of killing Iraqi civilians without provocation, we also have deep divisions brewing between the Pentagon and the State Department, coupled by State stonewalling a congressional investigation.
And while it’s certainly nice of Rice to suddenly take an interest in accountability, Congress, which has oversight responsibility and is paying the bills for all of this, believes a bipartisan review on Capitol Hill will produce a more accurate picture of what’s transpired.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice not only refuses to cooperate, her office has also ordered Blackwater not to answer any questions from lawmakers.

[ cf Blackwater ‘may be worse than Abu Ghraib’ ]

You mean there may have been other murdering, torturing, raping of little boys like this were more of the same old '300' story line???

{ Hey kids, does Condi REALLY think that she can get the Donald Rumsfeld Chair Of Heroic WarrHeroIsm at the Hoover Institute For Advancing the Glorious Cause Of THE HOLY Trinity, and the Most Blessed Virgin Coulter, or is she just, well, forgetting that as SecState she is NOT the Praetor!!!! }

But Hey, there is GOOD NEWS!!! Finally Channel4, in the UK is the breaking News:
Wounded US war veterans are still not getting proper care, despite President Bush's personal intervention after the scandal of their poor treatment emerged this year.

The government has yet to find clear answers to some of the worst problems such as delays in disability payments and providing personalised care, says the Government Accountability Office.

Its report offers the first preliminary assessment of improvement efforts after it was revealed in February that troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre were being housed in rat and cockroach-infested wards. Others faced needless bureaucratic delays in getting financial support.

[ cf US war wounded 'being let down' ]
Well, there you have it!!!

Those Damn Liberals, have been whining about health care for the last decade, and have not once thought about the needs to take care of our valiant welfare queens in the armed forces who are snivelling and whining about having recieved some form of On The Job Accident, and want the government to become some sort of NannyState to take care of them!!!!

You do not see the members of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Corp whining!!!!!

You do not see the members of the Most Holy Fighting 101st Keyboardist Whining!!!!

You do not hear the Holy Crusaders of The BlackWater Army snivelling about getting any blood splattered on their uniforms and demanding that the government pick up the tab for the dry cleaning bill!!!!

That is what is wrong with these liberal and their whole WelfareState Gay HomoZexualist Excess Governmental Regulation of the Zombie Killing Industry!!!

Now more than ever we MUST have the Republican Guard to protect King And Church from the Godless Unbelievers!!!!

{ would this be a bad time to talk about mobocracy and the 'church and king' riots that Edmund burke supported, as they persecuted priestley, the discoverer of Oxygen, or would that merely underscore the whole problem with the NeoConClownCarCrews war on not only science, but, well, the Actual American Republic. }
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