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Why We MUST Win The War With MoveOn.org!!!

On the one hand there is the minor problem:
Now there's more. Top Republicans are conceding that the NRCC is all but broke and that another bloodletting is all but certain. As GOP Rep. Ray LaHood puts it with startling candor: “When you look at what’s going on in the House, the prospects for getting back on track are pretty dim at the moment."
The latest numbers from the party committees tell the story:
"At the end of August, the National Republican Congressional Committee reported only $1.6 million cash on hand, with $4 million in debt. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, by comparison, had banked over $22 million, with only $3 million in debt."
[ cf Report: GOP "Broke," Expecting To Lose More House Seats ]
Granted, that is an EVIL LIBERAL SOURCE, and they of course are still victimized by the reality based community, in which actual dollar figures are still numerical and not numerological, and they Hate Jesus because of their Gay HomoZexual Pirate Zombie Canadianist Posturing which is so clear because they are unwilling to build a big huge DOME over the USofA to protect us from Canada ooozing down over use like so much maple syrup!!!

But more IMPORTANTLY we must address:
Did you hear about the War on Iran Authorization bill the Senate is going to vote on perhaps as early as today? No, that's not how it's getting billed. But that's what the 'Kyl-Lieberman' amendment is. In fact, the supporters of going to war against Iran are using exactly same strategy with this amendment that they did to lay the ground work for the Iraq War.
[ cf War with Iran for Fun and Profit ]

Those evil liberals actually THINK that there is any sort of need for any sort of congressional documentation about why we have ALWAYS been at war with East Asia!!!!!

The problem with liberals is that they think that some how congress should have some sort of influence on the Great Leader!!!! and the Great Direction of Directing!!!! Clearly they must learn the Victory of Success!!!!

Vote BushCheney2008!!!!

Anything less and you are stabbing the Troops In The Back because you are in league with Satan!!!!!
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