drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The MoJoWire Slides To The Dark Side....

ok, so i am still laughing at O'Reilly: "CNN has now entered the dark side with Media Matters" since, well, gosh, who would doubt that BaBa O'Reilly was anything but the sole proprietor of "fair and balanced" a point that he actually litigated!!! and lost. So, out of due regard for the Merciless Brutal Savaging that Poor BaBa gets from the Radical Left Wing Extremists, I thought it was my patriotic duty to point out how FLAT OUT WRONG the evil MoJoWire Freaks have become.

In s9: Now, Some More Economic Doom... Ready? the Evil S9 again whynes about
Shorter Menzie Chinn: the FOMC will get to decide whether you're going to be more screwed by higher prices for imported energy and manufactured goods, or instead by a tighter job market and downward wage and benefit pressures. Guess which one they're likely to pick for you!

My money is on the latter and against the former.

( opcit )
And of course he is WRONG!!!

As I have so valiantly tried to explain to him,
Jesus Gave America Nukes,
Because Jesus Loves US more than YOU!!!!
but of course the typical leftist extremist god hating ameria basher never steps back to ask himself,
Whom Would Jesus Nuke To MAINTAIN a Strong Dollar Policy???
Because of course, as a secularists, which is to say a Marxist, he is limited to merely the observable plane of materialism, without a recourse to Divine Guidance as to which nations MUST be Nuked as a Biblically Literal Manifestation of Nuclear Merchantilism!!!!

Which is why all True Patriotically Correct Americans know that there are no economic problems that we can not get greater support for our Dollar by simply explaining that Jesus Loves Us, for we have Nukes, and thus all will marvel at home much more Jesus Loves US!!! Hence they will of course want to buy our Dollar Denominated Debt Instruments, because they love Jesus, and know that he Gave US Nukes for a Divine Reason and a Divine Mission!!!!

Like Nuking the Unbelievers!!!

You see!!! Nothing to worrry about!!!

Vote BushCheney2008 or you are on the side of the God Hating America Bashers, and we may just have to send around some of the On the Wings of Eagles to beat up your Father, until you confess to your sins and seek the true forgiveness of the One True And ONLY holy trinity, and the most blessed virgin queen Coulter, too!!!
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